Wednesday, January 7, 2015

IPPBX in the cloud

Ensure That All Your Locations Function as One with AiannaOne PBX

Today’s multi-location business or retail store owner faces serious communications challenges. Too often they have an aging PBX at headquarters coupled with a variety of different phone systems at each branch office. The current system may be functioning, but has limited flexibility, no interoffice dialing plan and an unsatisfactory voice quality.

AiannaOne IPPBX is a business-grade telephony service that is hosted in Aianna Network, redundant and fully secured network rather than on premise using a PBX system. We use VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) to deliver crystal clear HD voice and unified communication services to the enterprise user.

AiannaOne hosted phone system is delivered via your fixed, mobile, broadband circuits and delivers powerful, next-generation unified communication features once only available to large enterprises that could afford high-end telephony solutions. With AiannaOne In the cloud PBX, there’s no box on your premise, so there’s no hardware upgrade required to take advantage of new features and technologies. There’s also no need to maintain and support expensive hardware.

Aianna One In the cloud PBX connects all your offices in one single system; we give you an administrator access and a user access.

That way the administrator can set up the main features needed including music on hold, Search per name system, and main greetings and operator features.

The user access, is for each user to be able to record, their greetings, and manage their own account, also when traveling they can make and receive calls thru the web dialer from their PC or laptop. The system also offers a full Video system, and video conferencing and conference rooms can be opened for up to 8 people.

Our voice technology integrates tightly with other unified communications applications, such as Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Contact Center, Integrated Smartphone solutions, and IP faxing, allowing you to easily and affordably layer on whatever communications abilities make sense for your business. And with our service you can pick a package or only pay as you go, so you can match capacity to demand.

With AiannaOne in the cloud PBX you can purchase DID’s from up to 1500 cities worldwide.  Making your business reachable from anywhere around the world, with the click of a button.
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Join our world, make it yours, we are your voice around the world

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