Thursday, June 5, 2014

Voip for you

Come to our world of communications and stay connected all the time.
We offer a rich array of services to the world.

No contract
No hidden charges
limited and unlimited plans
Pay as you go
Calling cards
Call shops
We have a service for you

We offer you a complete service from your own IP-Phone or from the customer portal.
A service with many free options and services.
Voice mail
Call redirect
Records greetings
Web dialer
chat room
Video conferencing
multi language
call on hold
balance online and phone
Voice mail online and thru phone
SMS and E-mail voice mail
and much more for you to have everything at your finger tips. Our services have no end and no beginning we are in the cloud.

That you are a residential, Enterprise, Callshop or calling card customer.

We are tour voice around the world