Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bahrain to Put Restrictions on VoIP Apps?

Bahrain to Put Restrictions on VoIP Apps?

Manama: Bahrain is considering introducing regulations for the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications, the technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet.
The decision will hit popular internet messaging applications, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and Tango, that allow thousands of people in the country to share files, send messages and make free calls.
“The measures are meant to guarantee there is no clash with traditions and customs in addition to security considerations,” Shaikh Fawaz Bin Mohammad Al Khalifa, the state minister for Communication Affairs, said. “They are part of the efforts exerted by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to ensure the existence of regulations that preserve the rights of operators and that there is no abuse of communication applications,” he said.
The new regulations and policies will help promote the communication sector, he added.
Viber and Skype were the most popular applications used in Bahrain, he said.
“The study we have conducted shows that around 100,000 people used VoIP applications in four days,” he said.

The use of VoIP applications amounts to around 1.5 million Bahraini dinars in unpaid international minutes, according to the study.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

AiannaOne In the cloud PBX services

AiannaOne PBX is an award winning PBX in the cloud.

Keep all your offices around the world connected with a single PBX.

All your employees can call any satellite office dialing a single extension; Contact any employee anytime from anywhere.

AiannaOne PBX offers local access numbers (DID) form over 68 countries, making your business reachable from any country that you need or want to. OR get an 800 number in any of the 24 countries or have both.

AiannaOne PBX offers an administration management access as well as a user access.

The Administrators controls the rights and set up the PBX as they need and want.

The user can set up their own extensions services, such as greetings, redirection of calls etc.

The User portal allows as well each employee to set up a conference room when needed to have up to 8 people on a video conference.

Allows any user to make any call from anywhere to anywhere, maintaining all your employees connected at all times.

The User portal allows the set up or any greeting, redirection of calls, includes SMS, Video conferencing, Call2Call features and a Web dialer.  Allowing your employees to stay connected.

Allows the use of a Phone dialer, as well to receive and make calls.

At AiannaOne, we are proud to give you all the tools that your business needs.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Snowden leak shows French telecom giant colluding with spooks

Snowden leak shows French telecom giant colluding with spooks

French telecommunications operator Orange S.A. has been cooperating “closely” with French security services in intelligence gathering operations, according to the most recent Snowden leak, Le Monde reports.
According to an internal document of the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) intelligence agency, France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) has been closely coopering with “a French telecommunications operator,” which the French daily concludes is Orange S.A., formerly France Telecom S.A.

The GCHQ document reveals the DGSE has been working closely with the telecom giant to help intercept pertinent information and break the encryption of data flowing through the network. Le Monde refers to Orange S.A. – in which the government maintains a 27 percent controlling stake –as a major player in France’s surveillance system.

The document, which was obtained by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, alleges that the DGSE has a major advantage over its Western intelligence partners, due to the nature of the cooperation between it and Orange S.A.

Not only does the intelligence agency have legal access to customer data from the telecom provider’s database, but it shares information with foreign partners like the GCHQ. The French operator also appears to be conducting cryptographic research in concert with French intelligence.

"The relationship between French Telecom and the DGSE is not the same as that found in the NSA’s PRISM program, which has contractual relationships with Internet giants,” a former French intelligence chief told the daily.

There is no formalization of this cooperation between the DGSE and French Telecom – Orange. “It is within the purview of those authorized to handle defense secrets within the company, and has been perpetuated for at least thirty years by engineers who commute between the two institutions.”

Ironically, Orange threatened in late December to sue the NSA for hacking into the underwater cable that it jointly owns with 15 other companies.

"We will take legal action in the next few days because we want to know more about the eventuality that Orange data may have been intercepted," an Orange spokeswoman said at the time. She added that Orange had had no role whatsoever in the spying.

Orange reiterated that the privacy of correspondence and negotiations can be broken only by special court order, and that the conditions and reasons for such action should be clearly defined in French law.

“Piracy to intercept data is not possible directly through the system of Orange, and such intrusion has not been previously reported," the company said in a statement.

However, according to Le Monde, Orange S.A. has given the DGSE access to those very underwater cables. Access is also given to the telecom giant’s mobile subsidiaries abroad, which have been employed in recent French military interventions in Mali and the Central African Republic.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

AiannaOne calling cards to the world


Calls to the world using AiannaOne calling card

USA, No hidden charges, No monthly per call connection fees, No account maintenance fees. Pay only for your actual call.

Rates may vary slightly depending on Mobile or land line number called.

USA to Mexico - 0.0423 per minute
USA to China - 0.0410 per minute
USA to Hong Kong - $0.0477 per minute
USA to France - $0.037 per minute
USA to Canada - $0.0367 per minute


Mexico, No hidden charges, No per all connection fees, No account maintenance fees. Pay only for your actual call

Rates may vary slightly depending on Mobile or land line number called.

Mexico to USA - $0.1260 per minute
Mexico to Canada - $0.1069 per minute
Mexico to Venezuela - $0.1082 per minute
Mexico to Peru - $0.1192 per minute
Mexico to Spain - $0.1130 per minute
Canada, No hidden charges, No per all connection fees, No account maintenance fees. Pay only for your actual call.
Rates may vary slightly depending on Mobile or land line number called.
Canada to USA - $0.0558 per minute
Canada to Mexico - $0.0423 per minute
Canada to Germany - $0.0426 per minute
Canada to Italy - $0.0415 per minute
Canada to France - $0.0377 per minute
Ask to see our calling card rates at

Friday, March 14, 2014

Aianna in the industry


                                                                Aianna in the industry

                                             Embrace Your Imagination with Aianna Corp

Aianna is the new global standard for exclusive Telecom services worldwide.
Aianna is an international exotic and fun company to work with. Aianna is the brand that style
‐savvy clientele is making their choice for their telecom services.
We indulge in the art of bringing creativity to life. Our network and services are smart and captivating thru your own lifestyle.
Anyone can simply dictated trends, we, however, believe true services are a necessity – a way of life that is emotional and personal – something that no other person or company can duplicate.
Aianna services that they are retail or wholesale are innovative in today trends with character and efficiency.

                                  Aianna corp. is the evolution of imagination.

Aianna is a Telecommunications provider for the wholesale, retail industry, Enterprise, Callshop, Calling cards.
Aianna Corp has been in the Telecom industry for the last 13 years, Aianna has a stable and high reputation. Aianna focuses mainly on providing partners in the field of telecommunications with a business model to manage their businesses easily, efficiently and profitably. Aianna strives to eliminate all the possible barriers and constraints that may occur when running a telecom business. Our products and services are specially designed to minimize our partners from financial, marketing or any other risks. The process of becoming our Aianna partner is both simple and fast. There are practically no financial investments, no lengthy paperwork, we do process a credit check  for all our wholesale customers and we do not impose prohibitively tough conditions.
Aianna is an innovator and pioneer in the Voip industry, with many of our employees that worked during the Callback revolution over 25 years ago.  Aianna has become a well-known telecommunications brand worldwide.

We offer Carrier termination, residential and Enterprise services worldwide, with a suit of rich added services to all our customers.

                                              Aianna is your voice around the world.

Visit our websites at: and

                                          Copyright ©2000 – 2014 Aianna and AiannaOne



Aianna Rich Communication Suite softphones with multi device support

Aianna functionality enables users to have the Rich Communication Suite client installed on various devices; for example, on smartphones (e.g. iPhone or android) and at the same time on a desktop PC, Mac or tablets (e.g. iPad) using the same account. Incoming calls and messages are forked and ring on all devices; a user can answer from any terminal. The mechanism also works with the PUSH notification framework. PUSH notifications are sent only to those devices which are not online while the our switch still sends the SIP call directly to the others which are registered to the server.
The implementation is based on the +sip.instance feature tag contained in the Contact header of the SIP Register request and identifies each unique User Agent instance.
When a user logs in on a particular mobile device (smartphone, tablet) for the first time, a unique ID is obtained from the device’s parameters. The ID is then sent to the Web API and stored in the user’s profile/ devices table. The administrator can set a limit on the number of devices per user; in the AiannaVippie client, for example, the limit is set to 4 devices. In addition to mobile terminals a user can log in from a desktop PC, Mac and the Web. In this case, however, the instance ID is the same regardless of the computer being used. This means that a user can be registered from only one desktop at a time; his previous session will be overridden.
Every attempt at registering from a device which does not contain an authorized sip.instance will be rejected on the Aianna switch. Management of the devices and associated instance IDs stored in a user’s profile are available from the User Portal.
A user can use the same public ID across all his devices or log in using a different ID on a second or other terminal. The private (main) identity remains the same. Public IDs represent how a user is presented to others and how he can be discovered. Allowed IDs include phone numbers (with verification by SMS or phone call), AiannaVippie ID (a service id, username) and social nickname from Facebook and google +.
The feature is available to all AiannaOne retail customers using our Rich Communication Suite PBX

AiannaOne en el Mundo

AiannaOne es un proveedor de servicios de telefonía mundial al cliente residencial y empresarial,
AiannaOne le ofrece un servicio lleno de servicios agregados que sea el servicio de Voz sobre IP o un Sistema de IP PBX complete para su empresa.  
Llamadas gratuitas a todas las extensiones y usuarios en nuestro sistema.
AiannaOne le ofrece precios competitivos con calidad.

Sin contratos
Correo de voz
Grabe mensajes para su buzón de voz
Video Conferencia
Redirección de llamadas
Facturas en línea
Recargos desde su portal de cliente
Web Dialer, SMS y callback, para poder quedarse en contacto cuando viaja,  esta de vacaciones en cualquier parte del mundo.

Servicios al cliente, un portal completo y multilingüe, para que pueda entrar a su Cuenta, y sus servicios.  Checar sus facturas, trafico, grabar sus mensajes, comprar DID’s, transferir llamadas a cualquier oro número.
SMS, record de todas sus llamadas a tiempo real,  Web dialer, SMS, Call back directo en su portal, asi cuando viaja puede llamar o mandar su SMS a bajos costos que le ofrecemos como cliente.
Tarjetas de llamadas y  servicios para cyber cafés,
DID’s en más de 1300 ciudades alrededor del mundo.
Tarifas, facturación, grabación de mensajería, correo de voz disponible en su portal de cliente
Para checar sus mensajes desde su teléfono marque *XXX le damos esta información al ser cliente.
Para checar el balance de su cuenta marque *XXX
Paquetes limitados e ilimitados.

                                              Aianna es su voz en el Mundo

Aianna Tarjetas de llamadas

     AiannaOne les ofrece a todos nuestros clientes el servicio de tarjetas de llamadas sin tarjeta.

                                            Este connectado al mundo todo el tiempo

Numeros de Acceso en varios paises.*
 Fácil, sin cargos escondidos, use su pin o sin pin, cuando se le acaba el crédito, no se preocupe, se puede recargar con la misma facilidad.
 Con PIN: marque desde cualquier teléfono el número de acceso local, de ahí el sistema le pide su PIN.
 in PIN: usted puede ingresar el número o números que desea autorizar a hacer llamadas sin PIN.
También sin PIN se llama direct Call con AiannaOne.
 El sistema le contesta en Ingles marcando 1, Español macando 2, Francés Marcando 3, Chino marcando 4.
El sistema, le da su balance basado en cada llamada, no hay cargos escondidos, puede pagar con su tarjeta de crédito completando el formulario de crédito para protegerlo y su tarjeta. otros medios de pago son acceptados.
Le damos acceso al portal del cliente para hacer recargos directamente o comprar un pin de recargo.
Cheque sus llamadas, balance, uso, en línea.
Aianna le facilita todo lo necesario para que usted haga sus llamadas sin problemas y con buena calidad.
 AiannaOne es su voz alrededor del mundo.
 *cargos locales por usar teléfonos públicos o móviles pueden ser adquiridos y cobrados a su cuenta automáticamente.

                                    AiannaOne es su voice alrededor del mundo


Aianna Calling card

Aianna Calling cards to call the world
With AiannaOne calling card you can call the world at low rates from the USA, Canada and Mexico
  • No hidden charges
  • No maintenance fees
  • No extra fees at all.
  • No contract
  • rechargeable
  • You pay for your completed calls, Period
  • Great rates, great quality, great service
  • PIN or PINless, enter the customer portal and add any phone number that you want to register with your account  then no more PIN is needed.
  • Multilingual choose your language as follows
  •  1: English, 2: Spanish, 3: Chinese, 4: French
  • Worldwide termination
  • Easy to use
  • always available
  • More countries been added as we speak
  • Call records
  • Account balance
Aianna is your voice around the world

Aianna Telecom
AiannaOne Telecommunications services for you.
That you are at home, the office or on Vacation.  It really does not matter. With AiannaOne you can always stay in touch with your loved ones, Work or Friends.
Does not matter where you are located,  as long as you have AiannaOne with you, you stay in touch.  Make as many calls as you need, anytime, from anywhere you have Internet access.
AiannaOne offers you services for your home, Enterprise , Calling cards or your callshop.
  •  Use your own Phone, ATA, Dialer
  • No restrictions
  • No hidden fees
  • No contracts
  • low rates
  • high clear voice quality
  • Encrypted calls
  • Free calls in our network
  • DID’s (local access numbers) in over 70 countries
  • 800 Access numbers on over 20 countries
  • Customer portal  rich in added services
  • Free extensions
  • Free Video conferencing to all customers (Need Video Phone)
  • SMS services (From customer portal)
  • Chat services (From customer portal)
  • Free Web dialer (From customer portal)
  • Free PC dialer (download from web site)
  • Free IPhone dialer( Download from ITunes -Join)
  • Click to call (From customer portal)
  • Invoices
  • Limited and unlimited packages
  • Per Minute services
  • Call redirect
  • Voice mail
  • Music on hold
  • Record your own greetings
We offer you more then anybody else, no surprises, we are here for you.