Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Telecom Resellers

Telecom Resellers

As a telecom reseller, your evolving business environment presents a unique set of challenges, ranging from supporting cloud applications that need secure connectivity and bandwidth, to continuously changing technology trends and a hyper-competitive market. The convergence of voice, data and content over wire-line and wireless networks, in addition to the rapid growth of applications delivered over advanced devices, makes this evolution unrelenting. In order to stay competitive and relevant in this marketplace, you must consistently innovate, reach geographies where your customers want to go and provide higher bandwidth services, all while carefully managing network costs and service margins.

With demand for faster and cheaper telecom services that are ubiquitous, reliable and secure, you need to know that your network service provider has the services you need today and can grow with you into the future. AiannaOne Communications understands your changing environment and its effects on your business. We will team with you to cost-effectively meet your customers’ demands and help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Through AiannaOne, you have access to a comprehensive wholesale telecom service portfolio built on a network that provides local connectivity with global reach.

Why Team with AiannaOne?

·       Beat the Competition with Efficient B2B Tools and Processes: Utilize flexible, self-serve pricing tools and processes like APIs, for all your rate management pricing files and web portals to deliver fast and accurate quotes to your customers, giving you an edge in the enterprise marketplace while simultaneously reducing your operating costs.

·       Broad Metro and Long-Haul Product Portfolio: Get the reach and scalability you need to address your customer’s requirements with our comprehensive portfolio of metro and long-haul transport solutions across our global network and our partners.

·       Support Bandwidth-Hungry Cloud Applications: Acquire high-quality Internet access to your online assets, this is very important for you cloud technology and converged networking solutions to support your customers.

·       Make sure your clients have a reliable and stable Internet access with the right bandwidth to make Clear calls and vide calls

·       Provide Reliable, High-Quality Voice Services: Leverage a complete suite of wholesale voice services including Local, Long Distance, Toll Free and E-911(Pending), across a high-quality Tier 1 network with coverage in over 7000 rate centers. 

Why Choose AiannaOne?

·       Superior Network Performance: Powered by a reliable and secure network, we offer highly competitive TDM, and Voip Termination services. Aianna Network is Encrypted and safe.

·       Superior Value and Competitive Wholesale Pricing: AiannaOne’s scale and position in the market allow us to deliver competitive pricing, delivered by an award-winning sales channel and a dedicated reseller support team committed to maximizing value for you and your customers.

·       Award-Winning Customer Service and Ease of Doing Business: We understand your business and are dedicated to making you successful by broadening your reach to new markets and continue developing customized solutions for all our clients.

Main advantages of Private Label Reseller Program


Complete turn-key solution for today's highly competitive international telecom market
Private branding of all services UWT offers to its customers and sub-resellers with a transparent online control panel.
Highly competitive start-up wholesale rates and progressive discount plan for increasing business volume. 
Professional back-office support through personal attention of an expert Business Development Coordinator.
Create sub-resellers with complete automation and access to online account management.
Assign and modify multiple retail rates (for various customer groups) and customized sub-reseller wholesale rates for each sub-reseller account.
Access to daily wholesale/retail production Call Detail Records (CDRs).
View payment history, transfer funds to sub-reseller accounts, and distribute funds to individual customer accounts.
Create calling card PINs online and assign specific expiration dates and retail values.
Create separate recharge PINs to provide the convenience of recharging an access number online, by phone, or by callback.
Modify account settings (billing increments, discount percentage, access fee, language, etc.) for each customer account.
Provide online account management for individual customers with complete access to invoices, retail call detail records, and various tools to modify account settings.
Free Intra network calls, Free Video calls to all customers, Limited and unlimited packages. Free voice mail, Free greeting recording, Free call redirect, DID purchasing, and much more.
·       Contact Aianna at: sales@aianna.com or feel free to call us using our contact page or to any number under contact and dial Extension 100.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Telecom Resellers worldwide

Have you ever been disappointed with your telecom supplier's best efforts? As a telecom reseller we provide you with a white label platform where you are in full control of setting prices, branding the service as your own, and providing the standards of support you would like to receive.
We provide you the facilities to achieve this using our wholesale platform and pricing.
  • Run your own telecom company
  • Use your brand, Manage your retail rates, accounts and more
  • Competitive rates
  • Loaded with features
  • Video conferencing
  • free calls
  • and much more
  • Callshop
  • Retail
  • Limited and unlimited packages
With Aianna white label program you cant loose.
Contact us at: Sales@aianna.com

Monday, July 14, 2014

SMB's look to VoIP deployment worldwide


Small businesses are increasingly turning to VoIP as a telephony option. According to a survey from ISP Star, 41 percent of businesses with 100 employees or fewer have already adopted VoIP. In addition, 20 percent of respondents are looking at deploying VoIP systems within the next year.
This is as well a trend that is increasingly reaching thousands of SMB's worldwide. Business are looking to save  money and unifying all their communications expenses.

AiannaOne offers to the international SMB a system rich on Added services, great pricing and a complete IPPBX in the cloud system.

There are some pitfalls however. The research, carried out by Synergy Research, found that the biggest barrier to VoIP deployment, was the lack of in-house expertise in managing VoIP networks. The lack of expertise has displaced security as the biggest inhibitor in deploying VoIP technology. According to the survey, just 9 percent of respondents viewed security as a major concern – that's a sharp contrast to a survey from Infosec, three years ago where 90 percent of companies surveyed nominated security as their major concern.

The main driver for adopting the technology is the need to save costs. According to the survey, 31 percent said that the financial pressure was the principal reason for switching to VoIP.

Hugo Harber, director of convergence and network strategy for Star said, “It’s encouraging to see that SMBs are realising there are huge savings to be made from making the move to IP telephony.   It’s long been heralded as poised for mass market adoption, and we are now starting to see that this is the case for companies of all sizes from those with less than 20 employees to organisations with 1000+ staff. The lack of a set up charge in particular has been really attractive to Star’s customers.”

Patrick Doualle President of Aianna Corp stated that one of  Aianna goal for 2014 is to growth their SMB offerings worldwide. AiannaOne is offering a complete in the  cloud IPPBX, hosted, safe, Encrypted with many options to the administrator or user account, that they have a single office or multiple satellite locations.  AiannaOne IP-PBX is offered worldwide regardless of the country as long as the client as a good Internet connection.

AiannaOne complement its offering with Local access numbers from over 1400 cities worldwide, free extension calling, free video conferencing, free redirect of calls, free web-dialer, Voice mail,  and much more