Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Calls to the world for residential and enterprise clients


Services to the residential and enterprise customer worldwide


At AiannaOne we offer the residential and enterprise customer a high end service, full of options, free calls to any member in or network, limited and unlimited packages to fill your needs.

Aianna service offers a rich array of services to all clients, that is SMS, Video conferencing,  Call redirection, Web dialer, Chat room and many other services all included.

if you have family in other states or countries, with AiannaOne services is not a problem,  we keep you connected all the time.

If you travel the only thing you need is to access your customer portal to make and receive calls, send an SMS or open a chat room,  but if you are away and want to receive a call to any other number, just redirect the call to that number, or we also offer click 2 call services, so you can send a call to any number and receive it in any other number that you want.

All added services are included and free to all our clients.

We also offer a full In the cloud IP-PBX for the enterprise and residential customer.

That you have a single location, multiple location around the country or even the world, with the AiannaOne  IP-PBX you always stay connected.   IF your employees are traveling, home or office they are always connoted.

Our IP-PBX its easy to use and offer one of the most complete and comprehensive services around the world.

That you are moving, changing offices, adding new location, with our IP-PBX its quick and easy to set up new users and grow.  Do not limit your self, we wont.

We offer our clients, great rates and quality. A tier 1 service whit no equal around the world.

Come and Join us, you wont be sorry you did.  At AiannaOne you are our priority, you are number 1.


We are what's next, we are your voice around the world.

Open your account at  http://goo.gl/4BZoep